The Toolkit

Hey, there. We are super stoked that you are going to to participate in South Dakota Day of Giving. Some great people in our state have lent their brains, talents and fundraising prowess to put together this mini guide to support your planning and participation in South Dakota Day of Giving.

The key word here is “guide”—it is not a set of rules or a series of templates to follow, but a blueprint from which you can throw ideas on the wall to see what sticks for your nonprofit. Participation in South Dakota Day of Giving will be more fun—and mega-successful—for your nonprofit if you take this toolkit and make it your own.

That’ll take time, and planning. (So, um, get started now.)

We can actually help you get started right now. There’s a few things you can do.

  1. Like the South Dakota Day of Giving Facebook page.

  2. Follow the South Dakota Day of Giving Twitter account and tell us what you’re doing in South Dakota using #ForSouthDakota in your post.

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This toolkit has resources to support your planning and execution of the day.

Download the Planning Blueprint

Giving days don’t just happen (darn!). Use this handy dandy timeline to jump-start your planning for South Dakota Day of Giving. Download the guide here

Download Social Media Samples

We have put together some sample social media posts that may inject your online presence with some South Dakota “oomph.” Download the samples here.

Download Day of Giving Images

We've put together a bunch of social media images, flyers, posters, cards and more for you to share online and in your communities. Download them here.

Check out these ideas

The good people at #GivingTuesday collected ways organizations chose to participate in the giving day. Check out these ideas from nonprofits, schools, and businesses.