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Is my nonprofit eligible to participate in South Dakota Day of Giving?

If you are a registered nonprofit organization who provides services in the great state of South Dakota, then your organization is eligible to participate in South Dakota Day of Giving.

That means, if you address includes North Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, or any other state in America, you’re not eligible to participate (you sure can make a donation anyway!).

When can I register to participate?

Registration opens up on Tuesday, JUNE 25, 2019. You must be registered to participate by OCT 10, 2019.

How much does it cost for a nonprofit to participate?

Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. 

Participating in South Dakota Day of Giving is absolutely free. You should know—okay, you already know this—that raising funds on South Dakota Day of Giving requires more than just signing up. It’s a commitment of time from your staff, and you might want to get creative on how you spend your general operating resources to make the most of the day. That’s all on you, though—you get to decide how much time and energy you wish to commit.

One more point, and this is important: South Dakota Gives is being fully funded through the generosity of The Bush Foundation, South Dakota Community Foundation, and a number of generous donors and partners interested in instigating giving and supporting nonprofit organizations in South Dakota. Not one dime you raise on South Dakota Day of Giving will go toward anything but your organization.

Can donations be made after the actual Giving Day?

Yes, please! Of course! Every day is a great day to receive a donation. For this effort, though, only donations made on South Dakota Day of Giving, or scheduled for South Dakota Day of Giving, can count toward prizes and goals.

How will I receive the funds?

However you receive them now! Donors will make gifts directly to your organization. How you receive the gifts will depend on how you ask donors to make a contribution. South Dakota Gives will include a link to your giving day form on our website.

Can I use South Dakota Day of Giving to sell tickets or memberships?

Okay, we need to get legalese on you for one split second: Donations may not be solicited to pay for anything that might be perceived as a material benefit to the donor including dinner tickets, membership fees, admission tickets, raffle tickets, event sponsorships or other gifts.

Who is leading South Dakota Day of Giving?

South Dakotans who are interested in growing philanthropy in our great state.

Who should I contact with questions?

You can email South Dakota Gives at hello@southdakotagives.org. Or better yet, Tweet your questions to @ForSouthDakota and use hashtag #ForSouthDakota so that we can tweet your question out and everyone can benefit from the response.