Show Me the Money

There is prize money to be had on our first-ever South Dakota Day of Giving on Giving Tuesday, November 27, 2018.

That’s right. Contests and prizes! How incredible is that?


Nonprofits who sign-up to participate in South Dakota Day of Giving through the South Dakota Gives website are eligible to win prize money from the South Dakota Prize Pool. The prize money is made possible thanks to individuals, businesses and foundations interested in spreading generosity across our state through our first-ever giving day. 

How can you lasso in some prize money for your nonprofit?

Well, first you need to sign-up to participate here.

Then, you’ll want to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to hear about the wacky ways in which you can win prize money—we’ll be unveiling how you can win prize money in the weeks and months to come (and we’ll likely surprise you with a few new opportunities on South Dakota Day of Giving as well.)

And rest assured, it doesn’t matter if you are a mom-and-pop nonprofit or one of the biggest in our state—every organization will have a chance to win. 

Past Prize Winners