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Thunder Valley CDC

Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation is a 501(c)3 Oglala Lakota led non-profit organization envisioning a liberated Lakota nation through language, culture, and spirituality. That focus has materialized in a wide array of interconnecting programs, initiatives and partnerships that are rooted in local priorities and values.

Years of continuing community engagement have helped us identify nine focus areas for our work which are: Community Development, Education, Food Sovereignty, Housing & Homeownership, Lakota Language, Regional Equity, Social Enterprise, Workforce Development, and Youth Leadership.

These focus areas work together in healing and strengthening our community by disrupting the status quo, creating systemic change that will allow us to have long term impact. We are leveraging equity for the Oglala Lakota Nation, creating more opportunities for our people to live, work and grow here on our reservation.

TVCDC has developed a comprehensive, innovative and grassroots approach to collaborating with and empowering Lakota youth and families on the Pine Ridge Reservation to improve the health, culture, and environment of our community in a way that heals and strengthens our identity.