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Strider Education Foundation

The focus of the Strider Education Foundation is to deliver superior balance bikes and a proven Learn-To-Ride curriculum to organizations that can teach the vital skill of riding a bike. One of the programs we utilize to accomplish this is the Kindergarten PE Program. This integrative program introduces the life-changing skill of riding a bike to children across America within a structured classroom environment.

We strongly believe every child should have the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike and our Kindergarten PE Program provides equal access to help children learn this healthy and transformative life skill. Through a combination of a proven curriculum, training and certification provided by the Strider Education Foundation, 2-in-1 conversion bikes, and ongoing support, the Kindergarten PE Program provides a simple and effective solution to help create a nation where all kids can ride a bike before first grade.

The Kindergarten PE Program is available at no cost to classrooms across America thanks to the generosity of donors supporting schools and school districts through the Adopt-A-School Program.