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Royal Family KIDS Sioux Empire

Royal Family KIDS Sioux Empire provides free week-long resident summer camps for foster children ages 6-12 in Southeast South Dakota serving foster children in Minnehaha and Lincoln Counties. At Royal Family Kids Camp children receive one-on-one attention from safe, caring adults modeling a non-violent, positive way of life as an alternative to many of the negative, abusive situations which children of abuse and neglect have faced. For one week, instead of operating in survival mode, they can just be kids. With tea parties, crafts, woodworking, birthday parties, music, dress up and much more, these kids can feel “normal” and once again dream, believe and find new hope for their future. The camping experience is geared for success, recognizing the specific needs of children in foster care. The Sioux Empire camps serve 35-52 campers each week, and are staffed completely by volunteers who give a week of their summer to invest in the lives of these children. These camps are provided at no cost to the child, the foster care family or the State and are purely funded through private donations and grants. For more information visit