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Passages Women's Transitional Living

Passages Women’s Transitional Living provides a safe, positive transitional living environment for women coming from incarceration or homelessness. The program expectations and structure offer individual coaching and essential support for the women as they rebuild their lives as responsible, productive individuals and citizens. With a holistic approach, Passages works with the women to be physically healthy, accountable employees, positive in their relationships, and spiritually grounded. Toward that end, Passages collaborates and coordinates with public and non-public entities in the western SD community to ensure the necessary supports and services are provided in the most cost-effective manner.

A sad statistic is that two of every three women exiting incarceration are back in prison within five years. Passages’ five-year statistic is an impressive four of five women succeeding with rebuilding their lives rather than repeating prison. With incarceration costs for women typically exceeding $30,000/year, Passages offers a service with tremendous cost-savings for taxpayers. Thus, a donation for Passages produces multiple “wins,” that is, hope and support for women in a time-of-need, specialized services which benefit the western SD community, and at a cost with impressive savings for the public. Passages' ongoing waiting list confirms the dire need for these services.