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Northern Hills Sources of Support

Northern Hills Sources of Support (SOS) is a non-profit organization located in Spearfish. Northern Hills SOS exists to build relationships with those seeking assistance by connecting them with resources to further their position in life. We also collaborate with existing organizations to raise awareness about their services. Throughout the process of building and establishing this organization, light has been shed on the very real and very deep issues of poverty, homelessness and hunger in our Northern Hills communities. By collaborating, communicating, and advocating, we seek to build poverty-awareness in the Northern Hills and to identify gaps and eliminate overlaps in services. Our office will help stream-line and organize the process through which resources in the Northern Hills are made available to those in need. It will offer those in need a safe, caring environment, where they can sit down, ask questions and hopefully obtain the answers and information they need. We have grown from our original plan of having an office offering just a database-type service. We now realize we can serve our Northern Hills communities on a much deeper and more meaningful level by offering not just “first-stop” services, but also by walking with an individual or family along their journey. Our over-arching mission has grown to include building relationships with those in need, raising poverty awareness and serving as a central hub for communication between assistance providers in the Northern Hills. Please check out our website at We appreciate your support!