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Lakota Youth Development

We help Lakota Youth Rise! Through reclaiming Lakota culture, language and spirituality, we promote education and healthy life styles for youth through culturally based strategies. We believe that Native youth need to know their culture and have access to people, places and environments that help them develop healthy lifestyles, without alcohol, drugs or violence. Our goal is to re-establish a sacred circle of support for native youth in this stage of life to help give them direction through cultural values and a depth of commitment they don't always get to experience. We accomplish this goal by utilizing several strategies; an experiential, evidence based, culturally specific prevention model which is comprised of cultural camps, after school programs to introduce youth to cultural and experiential activities and weekend youth retreats and service learning opportunities. We also expanded our youth development activities by supporting Lakota modeled youth societies for leadership development, and youth led social enterprises that offer advanced life skills and apprenticeships in culturally driven enterprises.