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Institute of Design & Technology SD

Mission: Advancing Educational Possibilities through Design Education & Creative Entrepreneurship.

Goal: Mentor students to use their creativity to develop the planning & organization skills needed for real life career settings. With the emphasis placed on time management, reinforces the dedicated students & graduates into entrepreneurial goals. A mentored project-based learning to open doors for creative design career with the entire job ready preparation.

Outcome: Need for developing workforce with project-based learning, reinforcing math as the element in the design process, the IDTSD curriculum was developed with a youth exploratory summer program. In 2010, Institute of Design & Technology was honored with a Governor’s Vision Award for the development of project-based career exploratory programs for youth.

Project: Design Boot Camp was developed by Institute of Design & Technology with the goal with summer exploratory sessions is to inspire imagination to youth wishing to explore creative career options with math as the foundation of the design process. Students (ages 9-17) that attend the exploratory design boot camps, learn that "hands-on" skills are needed to understand and experience the complete entrepreneurial design process. The mentored project-based learning opens doors to a creative design careers with creative workforce development.

Scholarship assistance is needed for students to attend that are not able to cover (all or in part) tuition. Assistance is needed to provide all students with all materials needed for their projects. Funds would be used to purchase art supplies, drafting equipment and all materials. The youth attending (ages 9-17) will be exploring interior design, 3-D model making, pattern making, industrial design, fashion design and the creative steps that are taken in putting their concept on paper. Ultimately, they will be completing a prototype or the final project, depending on their age or length of camp(s) they attend.