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Herreid Area Housing Development, Inc.

Our mission is to bring permanent, affordable housing to our progressive community. Herreid Area Housing Development, Inc. is a non-profit organization geared towards developing and improving permanent and affordable housing in the Herreid, South Dakota area. In July 2016, a small group of community leaders decided to raise seed money for a housing development revolving loan fund. The purpose was to address the housing shortage and form a new housing group. Three community meetings were held with excellent attendance resulting in the Herreid Area Housing Development, Inc. (HAHD) being formed. Thirty private citizens loaned HAHD the needed seed money. A board of seven members was elected to oversee operations of the 501(c)3. As a result, new houses are being built, existing houses are being refurbished, an apartment complex was purchased and upgraded, three ready-to-build on lots have been acquired, and ten new lots were developed and annexed into the city limits. As quickly as housing is available, it is bought or rented.