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Good Shepherd Clinic

Begun as a ministry of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Good Shepherd Clinic, Inc. (GSC) opened its doors in 2009. GSC proudly serves our local communities through our mission of providing quality health and emergency dental care for the uninsured. Approximately 15% of these residents live below the poverty level and do not have health insurance. GSC patients often acknowledge that choosing to pay monthly necessity expenses, such as rent, utilities, food and staples, versus optional personal health care, challenges them. 

Each Monday evening, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church is transformed into a welcoming and safe environment for patients to receive caring, professional and confidential clinic services, a warm meal, and a path for improved health and better life conditions.

We continue to “staff” the clinic on a weekly basis with an ecumenical team of 24 medical professionals and trained volunteers (no paid positions at any level), both from the Northern Hills’ communities and the Rapid City area. There are currently 16 medical providers plus 140 rotating scheduled volunteers trained in various capacities to meet the clinical operations and administrative needs of the Clinic. In addition, the twelve member Board of Directors and other Leadership Team representatives uphold the highest standards of business practices to ensure sound operational and fiscal sustainability.