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Furniture Mission of South Dakota

The purpose of the Furniture Mission is to serve furniture free of charge to low income individuals and families. The Furniture Mission takes donations of gently used furniture and household items, and then in conjunction with many local social agencies, ministries, education and health professionals, distributes that furniture free of charge to those in our community who are in need. We believe that by providing basic living essentials for a home, it also provides hope and dignity to those most marginalized in our community. For example, by providing beds to families we provide the opportunity for children to succeed in school. By providing kitchen tables, chairs, and cookware we provide the opportunity for better nutrition and health. As a non-profit we rely on the generosity of over 150 volunteers to pick up, clean, inspect, build, and deliver these items.

We receive referrals from over 30 different social service agencies, nonprofits, churches, schools, and health care professionals. After receiving these referrals, we process them and either serve or deny clients based on income and if they have been served by us in the past two years. Our policy states that we only serve once in a two-year period unless there are situations out of the client’s control, such as domestic violence, becoming foster parents, house fires, flooding, or other natural disasters. In 2018 the Furniture Mission served 1,602 referrals from social service agencies, churches, and local non-profits. The number of individuals served in 2018 was 3,080 people.