Fort Pierre Community Garden

Fort Pierre Community Garden is a group of volunteers who built the first community garden in the city. They worked with the city to find a good location, and designed a system with raised beds to encourage residents with reduced physical abilities to garden. As a result, 80 percent of this year's gardeners are over 55; 5 are in their 80's, 7 in their 70's, and 6-7 in their 60's; one uses a walker and one is in a wheelchair.

They have resourced local sponsorships and grants to build a garden without involvement of tax dollars. Two garden beds are utilized by the Community Center to raise produce for the annual Center fundraiser. One bed is provided at no cost to the summer youth program. What was an unsightly, vacant lot is now a green, productive property in the neighborhood.

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Ron Schreiner, Manager
Fort Pierre Community Garden

Gloria Hanson, Mayor
City of Fort Pierre