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Fight Like A Ninja - Brittany Corcoran Scholarship Fund

What is a Ninja? A person who excels in a particular skill or activity.

A Purple Ninja does that with love, grace, and hope.

Brittany's battle through depression lead us on a journey to keep hope alive and fight this disease with all we have. Her smile and caring attitude to everyone around her masked her pain, but she was battling more than just the puck.

In her short life she taught us all to love, help, hope and fight through the darkness while holding God in our hearts. Though Brittany lost her battle we will continue to fight the war.

This Scholarship will allow Brittany to do what she wanted to do most, help others. The Scholarship will be awarded each year at the South Dakota Girls Varsity Tournament to a girl hockey player in South Dakota that also has the same caring, sportsman attitude, and community involvement. Brittany never cared what jersey you wore, she would battle you on the ice and hug and laugh with you after!