When is South Dakota Day of Giving?

Mark your calendars, tell your donors and friends and family, and get ready to raise some serious money for your organization on Giving Tuesday, November 27, 2018. The day starts at midnight sharp and goes through 11:59pm. (You might want to consider a few powernaps in the days leading up to the event.) 

Is my nonprofit eligible to participate in South Dakota Day of Giving?

If you are a registered nonprofit 501 (c)(3)organization who provides services in the great state of South Dakota, than your organization is eligible to participate in South Dakota Day of Giving.

That means, if your address includes North Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, or any other state in America, you’re not eligible to participate (you sure can make a donation anyway!).

What do I need to do to participate? 

There’s only two thing you need to do to participate (seriously!):

  1. Fill out the online sign-up form here completely (that means no empty fields).
  2. Agree that you will provide information to South Dakota Gives within one week of South Dakota Day of Giving so that we can tabulate results and award prize money (don’t worry, we’re not asking for donor lists or contact information). 

But if you want to compete for some serious prize money thanks to the generosity of South Dakotans across our vast and beautiful state, there’s a few more things you will need to do—and some opportunities you’ll likely want to take full advantage of. They include:

  1. Plan to attend one of our fun, informative, everyone-else-will-be-there-so-you-should-too regional training sessions. Led by fundraising and communications professionals in the field, it’ll be a chance to learn more about what it takes to have the most successful giving day ever for your organization.
  2. Pour through our online toolkit for information and tips to make your South Dakota Day of Giving awesome.
  3. Develop a plan to rally your donor base and welcome new donors to your organization on South Dakota Day of Giving.
  4. Get social with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date about South Dakota Day of Giving. 

When is the registration deadline?

To be listed on our website and to be eligible for prize money, complete registration forms and agreement forms must be received no later than 11:59pm mountain time on October 20, 2018. While prize money categories haven’t been announced yet, there may be an award for nonprofits who sign-up much earlier than that—so don’t wait. (Sorry to keep you in suspense!)

Why should your nonprofit participate?

Prize money, duh! (Well, actually, that’s a great benefit but not the real reason to participate).

Here’s the thing: We think South Dakota is awesome. We know you do too. And there are incredibly generous people all across our state who support the work that people like you do to allow communities to flourish. It’s time to celebrate that, and to amplify it. By participating in South Dakota Day of Giving, your nonprofit has the chance to:

  1. Help people—including current and potential donors—understand how your mission makes South Dakota great.
  2. Create another reason to reach out to your supporters and ask for their participation.
  3. Grow your volunteer base.
  4. Learn about some new ways to communicate your mission and raise funds in a single day.
  5. Connect with other supercool nonprofits across our state who are doing good work.
  6. Bring your team together to raise money in 24 hours.
  7. Okay, and yes, win some prize money.

How much does it cost for a nonprofit to participate?

Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Participating in South Dakota Day of Giving is absolutely free. You should know—okay, you already know this—that raising funds on South Dakota Day of Giving requires more than just signing up. It’s a commitment of time from your staff, and you might want to get creative on how you spend your general operating resources to make the most of the day. That’s all on you, though—you get to decide how much time and energy you wish to commit.

One more point, and this is important: South Dakota Gives is being fully funded through the generosity of The Bush Foundation, South Dakota Community Foundation, and a number of generous donors and partners interested in instigating giving and supporting nonprofit organizations in South Dakota. Not one dime you raise on South Dakota Day of Giving will go toward anything but your organization.

Do I need to have an online giving platform to be able to participate? 

We think it is pretty important—okay, really important. So we want to say yes. But the answer is actually no. You don’t need to have an online giving platform.

On South Dakota Day of Giving, donors will make their donations directly to your organization in the way it works best for you to receive funds. Most donors who make a gift on a giving day will make that gift online. But you can also receive donations through checks, cash or credit cards. The catch—and here’s where a little bit of honesty is going to be required—is that only gives made on South Dakota Day of Giving can count toward prize money.

South Dakota Gives will not provide an online giving platform for donors to contribute to your organization.

I already have a giving day. Why should I participate in this one? 

We see you! And we’re so glad you’ve been on the giving day bandwagon already. It’s true that in the state of South Dakota there are organizations who are already participating in giving days—like ones hosted by a university for their alumni, for instance. This is a statewide giving day with many organizations and many donors participating. There is great prize money available to organizations who participate on South Dakota Day of Giving.

What resources can we expect if we chose to participate?

The team powering South Dakota Gives has made it their mission to reach as many nonprofit organizations as possible before South Dakota Day of Giving with resources that will make your giving day a success. Participating nonprofits will get:

  1. A profile that allows donors to see what organizations are participating, with a direct link to their donation form.
  2. Access to our online toolkit to support you in planning a successful giving day.
  3. Invitations to our regional training sessions to learn more about how to promote your organization—and develop a fundraising plan.
  4. Regular updates via email about South Dakota Day of Giving.
  5. The joy and happiness of being part of a statewide effort to increase philanthropy in our great state of South Dakota.

What are the prizes nonprofits can win?

Check this out! Cash prizes will be awarded not just on South Dakota Day of Giving, but during the months leading up to it. The sooner you register, the quicker you'll be eligible.

“How is that even possible, you might ask?” Well, you know well that South Dakotans are generous—and thanks to the support of individuals and partners, every nonprofit organization who signs up to participate has an equal shot at a portion of the prize money.

Can donations be made after the actual Giving Day?

Yes, please! Of course! Every day is a great day to receive a donation. For this effort, though, only donations made on South Dakota Day of Giving, or scheduled for South Dakota Day of Giving, can count toward prizes and goals.

How will I receive the funds?

However you receive them now! Donors will make gifts directly to your organization. How you receive the gifts will depend on how you ask donors to make a contribution. South Dakota Gives will include a link to your giving day form on our website.

Prizes you may win during South Dakota Day of Giving will be sent to you directly from South Dakota Gives.

Can I use South Dakota Day of Giving to sell tickets or memberships?

Okay, we need to get legalese on you for one split second: Donations may not be solicited to pay for anything that might be perceived as a material benefit to the donor including dinner tickets, membership fees, admission tickets, raffle tickets, event sponsorships or other gifts.

Who is leading South Dakota Day of Giving?

South Dakotans who are interested in growing philanthropy in our great state.

Who should I contact with questions?

You can email South Dakota Gives at hello@southdakotagives.org. Or better yet, Tweet your questions to @ForSouthDakota and use hashtag #ForSouthDakota so that we can tweet your question out and everyone can benefit from the response.