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Elkton Community Child Care and Education Center

The Elkton Community Child Care and Education Center (ECCE) is a nonprofit organization committed to providing access to a safe, healthy, academic, and enjoyable environment for children 4 weeks to 12 years of age within our community.

Due to the lack of licensed and available childcare, we are proposing to build and operate a state-licensed childcare and early childhood learning center in Elkton, South Dakota.

Our current goal is to raise funds to build our state-licensed child care and early childhood education facility and begin operating in 2020. We will be licensed for 135 children.

Once we are operating some of our programming goals include: Provide high-standard childcare, preschool, before/after school care, and summer care for elementary-age children, provide employment opportunities and internship/student teaching/rural research for local college students, bridge the Hispanic and White population/culture at an earlier age, provide dual language interpreters/educators and offer English as a Second Language (ESL) clases (In Elkton, 18.5% speak Spanish at home. Of those, 31% don’t speak English well and 30% don’t speak any English; 60% are not proficient), offer subsidies to low-income families needing care, use the Child and Adult Care Food Program through the State of South Dakota, partner with local and surrounding community nursing/retirement agencies to build a relationship with the youth and elderly in the community, provide transportation for children to the center with mental health resources for children and families.