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Diabetes Incorporated 

Diabetes, Incorporated has been in existence since May 5, 1998. Our mission statement is "Empowering families with diabetes to connect and thrive." In this period, we have created a web site ( with approximately 1,000 hits per month. It is an effective vehicle to answer questions and provide support on a national and international level. Last year we updated our website to help attract more individuals to our services.

  1. Held twenty annual “Kamp for Kids”, family diabetes camps, at Outlaw Ranch, South Dakota. We are looking forward to our next “Kamp for Kids” August 9-11, 2019. Our camp is unique in the fact that a parent or guardian is required to attend with the diabetic child or teen. In many cases, the entire family attends. With fundraising and sponsorships, children or teens with diabetes attend the camp free of charge and family members attend at reduced rate.

  2. Introduced a fifth family diabetes camp, “Riding On Insulin” that was held on February 11, 2017 at Terry Peak, South Dakota. Plans for a new winter outing for families, with sledding in the Black Hills, SD.

  3. Support diabetic students and their families through college “Community Contribution” scholarships.

  4. Provide networking via our website, Instagram and FaceBook.

  5. Distribute a “Newly Diagnosed Care Package” with supplies and educational materials to children and their parents.

  6. Provided emergency medical supplies assistance.

  7. Provide free Diabetes Screenings in the community.

  8. Provide support groups as a group to provide networking opportunities for Parents and Caregivers and children with type 1 diabetes and their siblings and friends.

  9. Recently head two board retreats, to broaden our goals and services for people living with diabetes.