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Crisis Intervention Shelter Services

Crisis Intervention Shelter Services is a grassroots shelter and advocacy program dedicated to the safety and empowerment of people victimized by domestic and sexual violence. CISS was founded in 1991 and for the past 28 years has not only worked directly with victims of violence, but also within our community to eliminate, the societal conditions that condone violence against women and their children.

Each year, CISS shelters approximately 100 women and children and serves over 300 individuals with a variety of services.

The mission of the Crisis Intervention Shelter Service, Inc. is to eliminate the personal and societal conditions embedded in the fabric of our communities that support and condone violence against women.

However far reaching, the goals and objectives are identified through continuous community prevention education efforts and the direct service component of the mission statement to meet the safety and emotional needs of women and children who have been battered and/or raped.