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Children's Museum of the Black Hills

The Children’s Museum of the Black Hills is a grassroots effort led by parents and community members who have a strong desire to provide high-quality, innovative experiences for children and their families. We aim to provide a place where families can come together to find the joy in learning, exploring, and discovery through hands-on, open-ended, play-based activities. 

The Children’s Museum of the Black Hills is seeking capital funding to open our first location which will be an interactive, educational destination for all families in the Black Hills region and out-of-town visitors. The funds being sought would help cover the expenses to open our initial location including, but not limited to: architectural services and design; exhibit design, build, and purchase; leased space; operational and staffing costs. 

Through creative play, exploration, and discovery the Museum sparks a culture of learning in families and the community. The Children’s Museum of the Black Hills and its partners believe that over the next generation, it is possible to enrich lives and expand the circle of opportunity for all children in the Black Hills area.