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Belle Fourche Senior Citizens Center

We are a Senior Center that provides a gathering place for area Senior Citizens to socialize, share their knowledge & wisdom with their peers & our community, participate in a variety of activities & educational opportunities. We also provide a commercial kitchen & dining room for the Meals on Wheels program that deliver meals to Butte County and serve a noon meal here at our center 5 days a week.

We are in the process of becoming a hub for other services that our seniors and their families have need of such as home health care, respite care, adult day care, volunteer contractor & other professional services for area seniors. We are always looking for opportunities for our members to be actively involved in our community. We may be slower as seniors and it may take 10 of us to do what it only took one of us to do in the past, but together we can still make an impact!

The reason we search for the involvement in the community is so that whatever we are doing has some purpose so to give us more meaningful lives which is so important as we experience so many changes in our latter years and lose a bit of our identity and purpose with each of those changes. We have included our website below. It is a work in progress and should be fully operational very shortly.