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Abbott House

Founded as a non-profit organization in 1939, Abbott House has been helping children find refuge and healing for 80 years. Our mission is and has always been to “Provide Premier Services for Youth and Families”. Abbott House works closely with the Department of Social Services, Department of Corrections and the Bureau of Indian Affairs to meet the specific needs of the youth referred to the Abbott House for intensive treatment. Abbott House also receives close to 50% of placements each year from parents and families who are seeking help.

Abbott House offers a comprehensive array of therapeutic services in Mitchell and Rapid City, SD. This includes a 45 bed psychiatric residential treatment facility, a special education school, three 6-bed therapeutic foster homes and 4 independent living apartments in Mitchell and two 6-bed therapeutic foster homes in Rapid City for South Dakota children. The combined programs provide services to approximately 130 children and their families annually who suffer from abuse, neglect and mental health issues using residential, foster care and independent living programs to keep them safe and provide for them while they heal from their trauma. The children range in age from 7 to 23 depending on the program in which they participate.